setPresence({ activity: { nam. js; get user activity presence djs v12; discord js get new channel; get all channels from guild discor. The Graph API is the primary way for apps to read and write to the Facebook social graph. Best JavaScript code snippets using discord. I want to change that to where a user can run a. Sets a user's presence in Discord to a new activity. This has a rate limit of 5 updates per 20 seconds. It is possible for users to hide their presence on Discord (User Settings -> Game Activity). Presence set through this SDK may not be visible when this setting is toggled off. Returns a Discord.Result via callback. It calls the setPresence method internally and only allows the user to set the game; only sets the activity the client user is playing, watching, streaming, and listening. ... I'm essentially making hangman on Discord JS for an embed to display with placeholder emotes, and as the user guesses current letter the respective placeholder emotes get.

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